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Welcome toCAPE ALOE FEROX…Pharmacy in a Plant!

Everything we do at Cape Aloe Ferox requires us thinking differently and challenging the status quo. The way we think differently is by formulating all our products from premium gradeHerbal andOrganic ingredients for customers who refuse to risk their health for chemical derived products. We just happen to make great herbal health products that customerLOVE to use,PROUD to have in their homes and are eager toSHARE to their experience with friends and family.

Our product line is based onCape Aloe Ferox, its natural growth and countless health benefits. We have a proud history of high quality herbal products that are derived from Aloe Ferox in small batches to ensure optimal freshness and quality.

Hard-coded with a deep sense of ethics and social responsibility, we make a point of inflicting NO pain or cruelty to animals by making sure all our products are developed and manufactured without any animal testing (CRUELTY FREE).

Pharmacy in a Plant

Aloe Ferox Plant is known by several names, but prominently referred to as “Cape Aloe.” It is also called bitter aloe, red aloe, and tap aloe. It is a species of arborescent aloe that is a native plant of Southern Africa (South Africa). It is one of the several Aloe Species popularly used in making bitter aloes which serves as a purgative medication. It also yields a non-bitter gel that can be used to make a wide range of cosmetics.

Aloe Ferox Plant is a tall, single stemmed plant that can grow up to 3m (10 ft.) in height. Its leaves are thick and fleshy. It has reddish-brown spines on the margins with comparatively smaller spines on the upper and lower surfaces. At a young stage, the leaf surface of the young plant is covered in spines. However, as they get taller and become less vulnerable to grazing, the leaves begin to lose most of the spines except those that grow along the leaf margins. Aloe Ferox that grows in the western part of its natural range tend to retain more of their surface spines. Its flowers are uniformly orange or red, and stand between 0.61m to 1.22m (that is 2 to 4ft.) above the leaves, in a multi-branched inflorescence.


Why Aloe Ferox?

Aloe Ferox for Health and Wellness…

Aloe Ferox Plant (Cape Aloe) is widely known for its diverse health purposes. In some parts of South Africa, the juice extract, found underneath the skin has been harvested as a renewable resource for more than 200 years. The hard, black resinous product popularly called aloe lump is beneficial not only for its laxative properties but it is also used for treating arthritis. The fleshy part is used in making cosmetic products, and it is reported to have properties that make it suitable for healing wounds and skin conditions.

Aloe Ferox as a Chemical Alternative…

Instead of using chemically derived products that could be detrimental to the body, the wide range of products derived from Aloe Ferox natural extract serves as a viable alternative therapy to restore health and wellness. We implore you to choose from our range of Aloe Ferox products for all your alternative therapy needs.

Free Range Farming…

Aloe Ferox plant which we derive our products are grown wild on farms without cultivation...this is considered to be most desirable. Our products are harvested using ancient harvesting procedures. The wild Ferox plant is considered to be of high value because it is free from chemicals, pesticides and inorganic fertilizers. 

Aloe Ferox vs. Aloe Vera

Indigenous to South Africa…

Aloe Ferox plant is Indigenous to South Africa and grows wild without the use of Pesticides and Chemicals.It contains almost twice the amount of amino acid found in Aloe Vera.

20 X More Powerful than Aloe Vera…

Aloe Ferox bittersap (20 X more vs. Aloe Vera) is rich in a powerful agent known as Aloin,a strong laxative that has detoxifying properties, making it an excellent aid in Internal Cleansing of the body. Other contents are polysaccharides as well as other plant metabolites. It is known to penetrate the skin to the deepest layer, contributing immensely to its unique tenderness, smoothness, and coolness. It also keeps the skin well hydrated, nourished and rejuvenated. These gives the Aloe Ferox plant a significant advantage over the Aloe Vera.